A hand holding a green plant.

We live in a society that is growing more environmentally aware each year. Getting to this point wasn’t an easy task. Environmental activists had to put a lot of effort into raising the consciousness among people and teaching them the benefits of this lifestyle, but we are finally here. Now it’s all about ensuring that what we do is eco-friendly, even when we travel. The only issue is that it’s hard to find some eco-friendly activities to engage in when you are traveling to less-known places. There is a lot of info online about these activities in big cities like New York or Los Angeles. But a lot less about fun, eco-friendly activities in Bend, OR. We decided to change that and explore the environmentally friendly world in Bend so that anyone who wishes to travel there has a list of fun things they can do.

Some basic info about Bend, OR

Before we get into specific eco-friendly activities you can do in Bend, let us start with some basic information about this lovely little city in Oregon. Bend is home to approximately 102,000 people and is the biggest city in Central Oregon. What makes Bend so appealing is the abundance of outdoor sports and recreation it offers. You can ski, go on tours with experienced guides or go for hikes at some incredible hiking trails.

Many beautifully preserved parks also include Pilot Butte State Park and Farewell Bend Park. All of this has led many people from nearby states, especially from California, to choose Bend as their favorite vacation destination. And sometimes they even decide to move there full time. But experts at Los Angeles Transfer and Storage advise that you don’t attempt this relocation on your own as it can get quite complicated. Let movers help you with this instead.

A person skiing.
Go to Bend and have the time of your life skiing at Mt.Bachelor.

Winter magic

If you plan to go to Bend, OR in winter, you won’t have to think too much about eco-friendly activities. It’s straightforward; you should go skiing at Mt.Bachelor. This is a perfect activity for environmental enthusiasts because Mt.Bachelor is all about keeping wild nature intact. The focus is on connecting with nature instead of abusing it for financial gain. And if you are not a huge fan of skiing, there are other fun things to do. You can book a rafting tour or go snowshoeing with an experienced ranger. And when you get tired of the cold and snow, there will be a variety of delicious mountain dining available to keep you warm.

Woman drinking a glass of wine.
: A wine-tasting tour is one of the fun eco-friendly activities in Bend, OR.

Go on a wine-tasting tour

If you want to go to Bend and have fun but still be environmentally conscious, then a wine-tasting tour is right for you. There are many eco-friendly wineries in Oregon, and Bend is no exception. Go on a fun girls’ weekend to Bend and experience the best wine it has to offer. The best part is wherever you are in Bend, the chances are there is a wine shop near you, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time searching for it.


If you are near Hood River, there is the Evoke Winery Tasting Room. Then not too far from there is the Va Piano Vineyards Tasting Room. But if you want to see the process of making delicious wine, you can go for a drive and visit Faith, Hope, and Charity vineyard. There you can see their award-winning wine get made, and you can try it in their tasting room. If you want to stay afterward, you can, as there is often live music from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. We constantly strive to provide a sustainable, affordable, and exclusive Oregon wine tour experience that is sure to be fun and memorable for you and your guests. Request a quote today

Visiting the Old Mill District is one of the fun eco-friendly activities in Bend, OR

Walking through the Old Mill District and experiencing all it offers is one of the best eco-friendly activities in Bend, OR. Strolling through this historic place is an incredible experience. But there is so much more you can do here that won’t damage our environment. This is an especially great time to visit Old Mill District as it will be specially decorated for the holiday season with many festive activities planned. There will be carolers, and Santa will entertain the kids. And, of course, you can’t skip fabulous Christmas shopping. You can eat at some incredible restaurants when you finish with all the fun, festive activities at the Old Mill.

Woman driving a bike.
Riding a bike through Bend is fun and also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Experience the beautiful Bend scenery on a bike

As we said before, Bend is an excellent place for outdoor activities. One of the reasons for that is the beautiful nature that just draws you to go outside. Well, that’s precisely what you should do when you get there. Just go around visiting the parks and the gorgeous Deschutes River. But not with your car. Cars are one of the worst things for our environment.


In order to make this an eco-friendly experience, you should rent a bike instead. And don’t worry, this won’t make the experience difficult or tiring. It will actually be more fulfilling and pleasant. Driving around the beautiful greenery, breathing fresh air, and experiencing the Bend in its full glory. This is not just a good tourist experience. It is also a great way to get to know the city if you have just moved there. After your moving company helps you settle down without stress, you and your family can go on a bike ride through the city and get to know the neighborhood better.

In conclusion

As you can see, there is no shortage of fun, eco-friendly activities in Bend, Or. But you can do some other things to make your trip to Bend more eco-friendly. Like carrying your reusable water bottles, avoiding single-use plastic, riding a bike, or walking instead of using a car whenever you can. All of this is incredibly helpful, and it’s also fun. It’s a way of truly connecting with nature which everyone should do from time to time. But the best tip we can give you about traveling anywhere in the world is to plan and prepare for every trip.

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