Commuter Services

Portland’s only 100% biodiesel commuter shuttle service.

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About Commuter Services

“Environmental Commuter Options™ (ECO) is the connection between sustainable transportation and a sustainable economy.”

The ecoShuttle™ vision is to revolutionize travel habits and reduce single occupancy commuting. The Environmental Commuter Options™ (ECO) Program focuses on offering an employee shuttle service that utilizes alternative fuels while reducing peak-hour congestion, parking problems and air pollution.

ecoShuttle™ utilizes business energy tax credits and the IRS transit benefit for its clientele. These savings help both employers and employees. ecoShuttle™ will walk you through the paperwork for your tax saving advantages.

Please check out our brochure page and feel free to print one out for your boss too!

The Problem

Oregon’s population is growing faster than the national average, increasing demands on the transportation system. Most U.S. cities with a population of 500,000 or more are considered a “prisoner of congestion”, and Portland is no different. An increase in congestion and traffic bottlenecks will weaken the state’s competitiveness and economic vitality, including negatively affecting productivity and commerce. A study concluded that easing congestion by 2025 would benefit the state’s economy by $1.7 billion a year in travel time savings. In addition, peak hour congestion contributes to 25 million metric tons of greenhouse gases dumped into the atmosphere every day*. Congestion increases the costs of goods for people and businesses across the nation, propagates employee stress and hinders workplace productivity.

  • 73 percent of Portland-area residents drive alone
  • Commuters on average waste 38 hours each year in rush hour traffic
  • The average household spends 18% of their household income on transportation, that’s more than on health care, education or food!!
  • Commuting alone to and from work releases 5.5 metric tons of CO2 a year
  • The average employee spends $266 a month on vehicle expenses
  • The average American generates 20 tons of CO2 each year; world average is 4 tons
  • One gallon of gas emits 20 pounds of CO2
  • Climate models suggest the entire Arctic ice cap will be completely melted by 2030!!

Our Solution

Our service improves commuting inefficiencies within metropolitan and surrounding areas, helping to reduce congestion during peak drive hours. With an ever-increasing cost of gasoline, employees can save money by not using their own vehicles through the employer fringe benefit. Employees can reduce their single occupancy commuting anywhere from 60-90%.

We at ecoShuttle™ want to enhance the quality of life of every customer and make a positive impact on the community. Our vision is to create an ecologically aware lifestyle, where green is not a new fad but an everyday part of life. With a convergence of amenities and conveniences, the customer gains an enriched way of life. Our goal is to have customers’ walk away feeling revitalized and ready for work after their morning commute. In this era of never having enough time, our service can increase productivity and compensate for the wasted time spent driving alone. Our service tailors to pampering our customers.

Employer Benefits

  • Save up to 35% with a business energy tax credit for commuter services
  • Parking problems virtually eliminated
  • Great recruiting tool for new employees
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Ensure employees get to work on time and safely
  • Enhance company image through environmental responsibility

Employee Benefits

  • Save up to $215 per month in pre-tax payroll deductions with the IRS transit and parking benefit
  • Offset drive time into a productive commute
  • Reduce traffic-induced stress
  • WIFI and power ports to keep laptops and phones charged
  • GPS tracking software and traffic-delay alerts to optimize route efficiencies
  • Bike racks for employee convenience
  • Spacious, comfortable seating with airline-style table trays
  • Extra perks include organic breakfast choices, eco-friendly dry cleaning service and coffee and tea options

Environmental Awareness

  • Reduce congestion and pollution
  • Gain a competitive edge with responsible environmental practices
  • Demonstrate to the general public and business community environmental accountability
  • Employees increasingly align themselves with environmental awareness