Fun Eco-Friendly Activities in Bend, OR

We live in a society that is growing more environmentally aware each year. Getting to this point wasn’t an easy task. Environmental activists had to put a lot of effort into raising the consciousness among people and teaching them the benefits of this lifestyle, but we are finally here. Now it’s all about ensuring that […]

The Benefits of Green Homes

“There is no planet B” banner. 

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming eco-conscious. Not only is this prudent, but it’s also necessary. Why? Because Earth is in grave danger, and it’s our job to help it. It’s our job to make our planet a better place to live. To do that, many people are deciding to build green homes. Green […]

The Good News Blog!

  By: Mark Klosterman Hello everyone!  As you have probably noticed, it is easy to be a negative Nancy when writing about environmental issues and climate change, but people are making great efforts to correct this, and it is okay to write about that too.  Hopefully I can make this a recurring blog theme that […]

Hydrothermal Energy

  Hey gang!  Welcome back to the blog.  I recently came across some exciting ideas for renewable energy in the form of hydrothermal vents.  So now you’re probably thinking, “Mark, I don’t know what that form of energy is, but it sounds pretty cool.”  Well, it is cool (well, it’s actually really hot), let’s dive […]