A vineyard in one of the eco-friendly wineries.
Stoller Winery is the first of its kind in the world as they value the preservation of indigenous plants.

Many other communities in the Pacific Northwest have caught on to the sustainability sentiments that have taken root in Portland. As much as “the city of roses” may be known as the epitome of environmental care, just south of it in Oregon is a region with equally amazing environmental accomplishments. 150 miles south of Portland, along the Willamette River, lies the 19,000-acre Willamette Valley wine region. While Oregon wine country has the “Prince of Pinot Noir” reputation, there is much more to the state’s wine industry than just this. Some of the top eco-friendly wineries are located here. We’ve compiled this list to showcase some of these wineries.


Chehalem Winery

This winery is a part of the LIVE (Low Input Viticulture and Enology) program. This means that Chehalem wines are produced through environmentally and socially beneficial techniques that can be sustained indefinitely. And the scenery is amazing, which means that one of the best eco-friendly ways to enjoy spring is wine-tasting at Chehalem. Additionally, women are largely running the winemaking at Chehalem. There are no men in the positions of a master gardener, winemaker, or viticulturist at the winery.


Argyle Winery

Among the many top eco-friendly wineries is the LIVE-certified winery Argyle. They are famous for their sparkling wine. On top of Argyle’s own vineyards, they have joined together with the James Beard Impact Foundation, which promotes environmentally friendly food practices. And not only this, but they also built the tasting room with reclaimed materials! Argyle winery really shows what it means to be environmentally friendly.


Stoller Winery

If all the beauties and wines of Willamette Valley capture your heart, you might want to move closer to it. Best Long Distance Movers suggest that if you are looking for sustainable grape growers, there is no need to explore any further than Stoller Winery. It all began as a poultry farm in the 1940s, and today it is a 225-acre vineyard. With a LEED Gold certification and a net-zero tasting room, Stoller Winery is the first of its kind in the world. In addition to decreasing their impact on the environment, they value the preservation of indigenous plants. They are home to the Pacific Northwest’s largest oak savanna. It is clear that Stoller values their wines just as much as they do the environment, and it comes through in the bottle.

A vineyard in one of the eco-friendly wineries.
Stoller Winery is the first of its kind in the world as they value the preservation of indigenous plants.

Lady Hill Winery


Lady Hill Winery has one of the most fascinating origin stories. In 1850, the family purchased a 1500-acre property that has been in their hands ever since. Due to its “lady-laden” heritage, the winery’s name reflects this. Visitors feel right at home as they come into the tasting room. And, if you are traveling with pets, this winery is pet-friendly! So bring your furry friends on an adventure with you!


Biodynamic wineries

Biodynamic standards were first adopted by Cooper Mountain Vineyards in the early 1990s, just outside the Willamette Valley. Since then, numerous other Valley wineries have followed suit. Biodynamic certification is an option for some, while others prefer to execute the methods without it. This includes soil fertility management, crop protection, and a percentage of land set aside for biodiversity preservation. According to this approach, farming is like a “living creature” that relies on what the land supplies in order to grow.

According to Wine Industry Network, Oregon has 52% of the nation’s certified vineyards, and the Willamette Valley has at least a dozen wineries that are either fully certified or use some of the principles. But this is not the only thing Oregon’s famous for. If you decide to move here, you will see that Oregon is great for newcomers and among the most welcoming west coast locations. Maybe it is in the wine! 

Biodynamic wineries are a must-visit when it comes to eco-friendly wineries in Willamette Valley. The absence of technology, chemicals, and any other non-natural inputs can be seen in these wineries more readily than in traditional ones.


Montinore Estate

More than 200 acres of biodynamic and organic vineyards make Montinore Estate in Forest Grove one of Oregon’s rock stars when it comes to biodynamic winemaking. Rudy Marchesi, a partner in the winery, began implementing biodynamic methods in the early 2000s and was certified in this method in 2008. Now, Montinore is one of the country’s leading producers of biodynamic estate wines. To find out if you can taste the biodynamic difference in their Italian-style reds, pinot noirs, and other varietals, visit the magnificent estate tasting room at Montinore. We highly recommend a picnic.

A group of people making a toast with glasses of wine.
Montinore is one of the country’s leading producers of biodynamic estate wines.

Kings Estate Winery


The southern Willamette Valley’s largest certified Biodynamic vineyard, King Estate Winery, is a popular stop for eco-friendly wineries enthusiasts. Paying a visit to this winery offers an opportunity to teach your kids about sustainability, as it is kid-friendly. You can savor wines on the expansive patio overlooking the estate’s sprawling vistas while dining at the on-site restaurant. Biodynamic certification was granted to King Estate in 2016.


Maysara Winery


Maysara Winery tucked away in the hills and ideal for special gatherings, has been committed to organic cultivation from its initial plantings in 1997. They don’t use any chemicals at all on the property. Maysara employs a more holistic approach to farming, including the use of teas and other natural components. They use their own compost and plant teas to cultivate grapes that are in tune with the land’s ecology. They also strictly adhere to the biodynamic principles, which allow for the production of up to ten high-quality wines, one of which is a sparkling wine. Several wine labels at this family-owned winery pay tribute to the Persian language. It is a must-visit for wine enthusiasts!

A person holding grapes in their hands.
Maysara has a holistic approach to farming, including the use of teas

Final words


We hope our guide to eco-friendly wineries in Willamette Valley has helped you plan your journey. It offers everything a wine-lover could ever wish for. With its exceptional wines, sceneries, and vineyards, Willamette Valley will surely capture your heart! Even if you are less than thrilled about wine, you will without a doubt become a wine-enthusiast after visiting this wonderful region. We wish you happy traveling and an amazing wine-tasting experience! You can build a custom wine tour using our Quote Request Form, or ask us for recommendations. We constantly strive to provide a sustainable, affordable, and exclusive Oregon wine tour experience that is sure to be fun and memorable for you and your guests. Request a quote today and tour Oregon wine country.