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Understanding the meaning of eco-friendly travel is one thing. Putting it into practice is quite another. Long known for being environmentally conscious and eco-friendly, Oregon offers numerous ways to travel sustainably. If you’re planning to travel to this coastal state, we’ve prepared a list of 7 tips for eco-friendly travel in Oregon to help you out. Keep on reading to find out how you can go sightseeing in a sustainable way!

Choose Eco-Friendly Hotels

Oregon’s eco-friendly hotel alternatives make it simple to practice sustainability while relaxing. At these eco-friendly resorts, you can unwind while doing good for the environment. Even upscale hotel companies and bed-and-breakfast establishments in Oregon are embracing green. The Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild offer a green certification scheme. The major hotel brands Starwood (Sheraton, W Hotels, Westin), Kimpton, and Hilton are all contributing to the industry’s move toward sustainability.

Eat in Eco-Friendly Restaurants

Oregon is a very progressive state in terms of sustainability. Many restaurants around the state are embracing a philosophy of sustainability. Those restaurants are one of the driving forces that help Oregon get recognized as a nature-friendly state. There’s a great number of restaurants that go above and beyond to protect the environment. When making travel plans, look at restaurant websites to find Oregon eateries that emphasize sustainability.

A picture of 4 bins of different colors used for recycling.
One of the 7 tips for eco-friendly travel in Oregon includes recycling, which is big in Portland.

Don’t Forget To Recycle

It’s almost impossible to spend some time in Oregon cities without being reminded of the importance of recycling on each corner. Thus – when in Rome, do as the Romans do. In Portland, for example, around 56.8% of the garbage produced in a year was recycled. That says a lot about how vital recycling in Oregon is. Portland’s domestic recycling prevents the emissions of 35,000 automobiles on the city’s roadways, or close to 250,000 tons of CO2, per year

Consider Eco-Friendly Rent-A-Car

Here’s some good news for all you folks who usually rent a car when traveling. In Oregon, you can pay a premium when renting a car from car agencies to offset carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, many rental car agencies provide the option of renting a hybrid vehicle. If you want to be part of the green revolution, move to the Pacific Northwest, and live in the eco-friendly state of Oregon, know that long-distance moving doesn’t necessarily have to be a stressful affair. A reliable moving company and professional crew can get you here with ease. With a little online searching, we are sure that you’ll be able to find eco-friendly movers.

It’s not all about coast-to-coast riding or tearing down mountain single-track in Oregon. If you want to attempt living without a car, Portland is a beautiful place to start because it is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the United States. You can just rent a bike and set off on your own. The city features a network of bike paths that are signposted, including designated lanes in the city center. There are plenty of eco-friendly ways to enjoy Portland in spring, summer, or any season since Oregon is fantastic any time of the year.

The reputation of Oregon as a car-free state begins with Portland’s extensive public transit system and continues to places that are bikeable and walkable all around the state, from beach escapades on the Coast to rocky adventures in the bright high desert. Portland also boasts a fantastic public transportation system for those who don’t ride bicycles, which consists of light rail, street cars, buses, and even an aerial tram.


 An aerial view of the city of Corvallis, Oregon.
Corvallis is one of Oregon’s most sustainable cities.


Visit Corvallis To Learn More About Eco-Friendly Travel In Oregon

Although Portland rightfully receives praise for being one of the state’s premier sustainable cities, many smaller communities have emerged as hotspots for the environmentally aware, with Corvallis being one of the most popular locations. The city of Corvallis is working to conserve natural habitats in whatever manner it can, in addition to state-wide initiatives.

The Environmental Protection Agency named Corvallis, a college town 80 miles south of Portland, the best Green Power Community in the U.S. because its residents purchase so much alternative energy (EPA).

According to verifiedmovers.com, many individuals moving to Oregon from out of state choose sustainable towns, such as Corvallis. Additionally, if you arrive in Corvallis in a hybrid, alternative-fuel, or zero-emission car, several hotels will even give you a 15 percent discount on your lodging bill.


Enjoy Some Sustainably-Made Craft Beer

Craft beer from Oregon is well known worldwide. Oregon often appears on lists of the greenest states in the union. It thus comes as no surprise that Oregon is at the forefront of the trend that has come to be known as sustainable brewing. Many of the state’s 250+ craft beer businesses have innovated in their approach to sustainability, from brewing organic beer and sourcing ingredients from nearby farms to using renewable energy, recycling spent waste, and collaborating with environmental groups on a variety of green initiatives. The Oregon Brewshed Alliance, an environmentally conscious alliance of more than 60 breweries, farms, and other beer-related enterprises, works to preserve the integrity of the state’s most priceless asset to beermaking: its pure water.

For beer lovers, what does all of that mean? Supporting eco-friendly brewing is only natural if you enjoy drinking craft beer and being outside in Oregon. However, another benefit to supporting green brewing is better-tasting beer. Or, in the words of the Oregon Brewshed Alliance, “Great beer starts with clean water.

An image of grapes in a vineyard.
Some of the top eco-friendly wineries are located in Oregon.

Visit Oregon’s Sustainable Vineyards and Wineries

Even Oregon’s vineyards and wineries are taking steps to protect the environment. More and more vineyards are choosing to grow their grapes organically or biodynamically. On the other hand, others have obtained “Salmon Safe” certification from the organization Salmon-Safe by reducing runoff and erosion and otherwise improving salmon habitats in streams adjacent to vineyards. Many of the state’s larger, more recent wineries use photovoltaic panels to produce electricity. Some of those wineries have also been awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification by the U.S. Green Building Association.

7 Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel In Oregon: The Takeaway

We hope we have offered an insight into what Oregon has to offer when it comes to sustainability. With our 7 tips for eco-friendly travel in Oregon, you won’t have any problems fitting in and enjoying your stay in a state that chooses to preserve what’s most importantits nature and the environment. And you can easily contribute by doing some or all of the things from this list. Are you thinking about visiting Pacific Northwest soon? Let ecoShuttle plan your next trip out here. For over 10 years, ecoShuttle has been providing eco-friendly charter and regular route transportation services for companies and groups both large and small. Get a Quote today!