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Thinking and acting green is not only about recycling, plastic and garbage selection. It’s a more serious topic that requires a total change in our living habits. And although you can hear many myths about green living that confuse people and make them believe they are saving both the Earth and themselves, some good habits can really make a change. People in Portland seem to get the idea. Take a look at several tips for eco-friendly living in Portland, and find out why it’s one of the top green cities in America.

1. The recycling moment

Every single thing that we are using right now can be recycled. If you have ever heard anything about pollution, you know that garbage is one of the top dangers that our planet meets. If not sorted and recycled, everything we throw away is left to decompose in nature. And that process can sometimes take hundreds of years if it happens at all.

On the other hand, if the items are recycled, they are turned into secondary materials that are later reused to make new products. That process saves energy, conserves natural resources, and protects our environment.

2. Don’t use plastic—one of the tips for eco-friendly living in Portland

Plastic bags and bottles take from a hundred to about four hundred years to decompose. Still, many people all around the world use them on a daily basis and throw them away after only one use. Consequently, tons of plastic bags, bottles, and other trash end up in the sea and ocean. This causes huge problems for nature and wildlife, especially for sea and ocean mammals.  Most of them accidentally eat pieces of plastic bags or get entangled in them, eventually dying.

Take your bag with you when you go shopping.

That is why turning to the usage of cloth bags can help a lot. They can last longer and thus be reused over and over again. On the other hand, reusing paper and plastic bags is also a good option. And, once you see they are not solid enough for the next purchase, don’t just throw them away. Instead, remember to dispose of them the right way.

Disposable products

Non-durable products are a tremendous ecological problem. Their disposal causes greenhouse gas emissions, and that has a direct effect on the planet’s ecosystem.

Thus, for example, if you want to throw an eco-friendly birthday party, avoid using disposable products such as paper napkins, plastic utensils, and other non-durable consumable goods. The after-party cleaning will indeed be much easier with them, but that implies an increase in waste, as well.

3. Control your shopping habits

The huge and uncontrolled consumption of goods is a serious worldwide problem. People buy food, household items, clothes, and many more things they don’t actually need, and that eventually end up as trash. 

The tips for eco-friendly living in Portland suggest more reasonable and planned shopping habits.

With all these steps, you will save a considerable amount of energy used to manufacture, transport, and dispose of such items.

4. Donate things you no longer use

If you have some household items, clothes, or other consumer goods you don’t need anymore, don’t throw them away. Instead, give them away to some local charity organization where someone else can reuse them.

This counts for the relocation process, as well. As experts from Mod Movers would say, there are so many things you need to deal with while moving. One such thing is to decide what to do with the things you don’t want to move into your new home. Do not hesitate. Donate them right away. That way, you’ll not only help someone out, but you’ll also make your relocation eco-friendly as well.

Three moving boxes on the floor.
Let your things be reused, a good tip for eco-friendly living in Portland.

5. Think about saving electrical energy and water

The reduced usage of electricity will have a positive impact on lowering greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why you should listen to some of these eco-friendly pieces of advice:

6. The food you eat

If you thought that eating habits have nothing to do with ecology and protecting your environment, you’re mistaken. A healthy lifestyle and sustainable living have a lot in common.

7. Transportation

Reduce driving your car to a minimum. Start riding your bikes, walking, or using public transportation instead. On the other hand, when you have to drive, do that gently and with the optimal speed of 50mph. That will reduce harmful gases emission, and nature will be grateful for that.

What’s more, if you come from California, and want to start a new life here, in Portland, think about hiring the interstate movers rather than doing it all by yourself. Experts will be able to deal with transportation issues more efficiently and in the most optimal way so that you’ll prevent energy waste.

A girl is filling up a tank at the gas station
Leave your car at home for eco-friendly living

What do you think about your lifestyle and habits after learning all the facts? If these tips for eco-friendly living in Portland made you change at least some of the bad ones, we’ve reached our goal.

Writer’s bio:

Anna Walker is a pharmacist. She lives in New York with her four-member family. She is very interested in a healthy lifestyle. Anna also works as a part-time blog writer, and her favorite topics are pollution and saving the environment.