a family throwing an eco-friendly birthday party

Being eco-aware is not only about updating our small daily habits. It is about special occasions as well. Birthday celebrations are events that often create a lot of unnecessary waste. While parties in the recent years have been more low-key than pre-pandemic, the waste created on birthday parties for both kids and adults is still quite over the top.  That is why we should explore ways to make them better. This guide will help you throw an eco-friendly birthday party and still have all the fun! 


Invitations are probably the easiest task on the list. The modern age allows us to send invitations with minimum waste. Create your invitation in an app, and send them through social media networks. Many websites offer customizable templates, so you can spend minimum time creating them – just fill in your details and hit send

Remember: use the invitations to tell your guests that you are going to throw an eco-friendly party. Remind them about the theme so they can pay more attention to gifts and wrapping. You can go with no gifts this year or some eco-friendly solutions. Ask people to make something for the birthday boy or girl, opt for second-hand toys, or chip in some money so you can together put it to a good cause. There are much better ways to use birthday gifts without making a mess with plastic wrappings, batteries, and molded plastic. Encourage guests not to wrap their presents or use recyclable wrap or clothes for even better results.

Choose the best location 

In order to have the best eco-friendly location, you should start with picking the right location. As hosting a party in a restaurant and at home requires spending more money and energy, choosing a park is a great idea. Also, if you live in a house, you can turn your backyard into a beautiful outdoor party place. Of course, if the weather is nice. Parks are great for throwing any kind of an event and can make a great birthday location for both kids and adults. All the nature will be your decoration, so there is not much to do apart from bringing food and drinks. However, if the birthday celebration happens in winter, then choose a place where you have the most control – preferably your home.

Bonus tip: If you are hosting a big party at home, you might have to clear the space a bit in order to invite more people. Free space does not need to be an issue in such situations – just choose a nearby storage space. Remove excess furniture or any valuable or delicate pieces that can get damaged if the party goes wild. Just be careful when choosing the storage unit – pick one that suits your needs, so you do not waste space or money but use this unit the best way possible. 

Serving and eating the food

This is usually the most problematic thing in terms of eco-friendliness. Birthday parties often end with a ton of disposable utensils, plates, and other plastic and Styrofoam waste. If you are hosting a birthday party at home, use your regular cutlery, plates, and bowls. However, if you are hosting a birthday party for a kid – you may be worried about some of them getting broken. In this case, you can opt for bamboo tableware and make the servings as eco-friendly as they can be. Just look for the word “compostable” in the description. Staying away from single-use plastic is the main goal, and it is actually pretty easy to do that.

bamboo tableware you need to throw an eco-friendly birthday party
When hosting a birthday party at home, use regular cutlery, plates, and bowls instead of plastic


Another big issue when throwing an eco-friendly birthday party is decorations. Balloons, plastic décor, and confetti are all hurting the environment, and the majority of them end up in oceans. That is why you should update your birthday décor strategy and go for a more sustainable solution. First things first – ban the balloons. It is much better to invest in a bubble machine you can use every year and even lend it to family and friends when they need it. Next, make decorations out of cloth, wood, and other eco-friendly materials. Choose décor options that you can reuse for different events. 


If you enjoy bouquets of flowers as your décor – we hear you. However, there are ways to make them more eco-friendly, too. Instead of choosing flowers from a far-off climate, get flowers that are in season and easy to find. Make flower arrangements from flowers you can find in local flower shops that don’t take too much energy to import. 


Serving drinks can also minimize waste and its harmful impact on our environment. Firstly, make a big batch of drinks instead of buying multiple cans and plastic bottles. Use big punch bowls or pitchers to make lemonade or cocktails and serve them in reusable glasses with bio-degradable or metal straws. 

eco-friendly metal straws
Serve drinks with bio-degradable or metal straws

Clearing up 

After you throw an eco-friendly birthday party, do not forget to go eco-friendly when clearing up. Consider saving food leftovers if that is possible. Save decorations for another special occasion. See what you can reuse or let a friend use for their upcoming party. Also, do not forget to update your cleaning supplies – there are many eco-friendly solutions that are far safer than common heavy chemicals.

cleaning after an eco-friendly birthday party
There are many eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are safer than common heavy chemicals.

Make all other occasions eco-friendly 

There are many other special events where you can that you care about the planet and your health. Moving houses can also be eco-friendly. Experts from zippyshellphl.com explain that you can easily have a green relocation. Choosing a moving team that cares but also focuses on eco0freidnly packing supplies and vehicles can really make a difference considering the size and power of the moving industry. 

It is about simplicity 

When you decide to throw an eco-friendly birthday party, you should start with one main idea – and that is simplicity. Happiness and having fun are being close to people you love, which does not depend on the surroundings. That makes hosting this sustainable party even easier – it is only left to enjoy and blow those candles away!