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From wanting to reduce your carbon footprint to leaving the world better than you’ve found, there are many reasons you might want to practice sustainable living. Small sacrifices such as reducing or eliminating the use of harmful plastics or taking a walk to work will all lead to a much healthier planet and a healthier you. Although the well-being of the planet around us should always be the motivation behind such changes, these health benefits of sustainable living can be a welcoming plus.


Harbors a healthy diet

Living a sustainable lifestyle is a sure way of improving your diet and, in turn, your well-being. More often than not, people that want to live sustainably switch to a vegan diet. This type of diet is proven to be much more sustainable, healthy, and not harmful to our planet. Specifically, organically grown food has a less detrimental effect on our ecosystems, the soil, and your diet. However, no matter which type of diet you choose (as long as it’s sustainable) will improve your health. After all, eating high-quality food products and avoiding harmful ingredients can’t possibly be bad for you.

: An open vegan tortilla with plenty of tomato and avocado slices.
A change in diet is one of the essential health benefits of sustainable living.

Keeps you away from toxic chemicals/materials

Although the previous section has touched upon the subject, sustainable living will help you recognize and stay away from harmful substances. For example, most common pesticides and fertilizers can be truly harmful to the human body. Especially if you consume them regularly. Additionally, professionals from Preferred Movers suggest switching to non-toxic materials even when packing for your next move. With this in mind, consider using reusable moving boxes instead of plastic bags. While plastic on its own is not necessarily harmful to you, it’s extremely toxic to the environment. And whenever possible, avoid modern cleaners filled with toxic chemicals you should not come into contact with. Bleach, air fresheners, cookware, cans, and even shower curtains are just some things you may come into contact with daily that may be polluting you and the planet. Do your research, understand what you should avoid, and your health will thank you.


Sustainable living helps you get fit

What you put into your body is not the only thing that will improve your health. Another added benefit of sustainable living is that you are more likely to move your body daily. This is primarily due to the fact you will avoid traveling by means of transportation using fossil fuels. Instead, you will, when possible, opt for healthier options such as cycling or simply walking. Doing things manually and not relying on simple solutions will help you move your body, which in turn will help you get fit. Even simply walking from bus stop to bus stop instead of driving your own vehicle is a good step in the right direction for your overall well-being.

A mother holding her daughter’s hand while walking and a father pushing his son that is riding a bicycle.
You can teach your children the health benefits of sustainable living by cycling daily.

Creates a positive mindset

The health benefits of sustainable living do not only rely on your physical well-being but also your mental one. Physical and mental health most often go hand in hand and can affect each other in various ways. Furthermore, you cannot state you are a healthy person if you do not tend to your mental health as well. Luckily, sustainable living can make you happy and can even create a positive mindset. You will feel good knowing you are doing good and nurturing our planet the way it deserves. Additionally, you will see just how much good you are doing and may share this revelation with those around you, creating an even bigger wave of positive change.


Gives you motivation

You’ll gain a new sense of purpose by living more sustainably, which will motivate you to work harder and be better. This may be the inspiration you require to persevere through a trying situation and come out on the other side. Furthermore, this kind of motivation might give you the confidence to keep doing what you’re doing and incorporate sustainability into every element of your life. For example, if you plan a move, you could take advantage of the various green options at your disposal. These options will push further changes that will, in turn, motivate you even more. This constant loop of motivation to do better will only improve your health for the better.

Connects you with nature

The bond between human beings and nature is hard to explain but easy to experience. Simply take a walk in an area filled with natural beauty, and you’ll see what we mean. You will surely feel the solace the great outdoors will so freely provide. Whenever the world may feel uncertain, take the time and find safety in nature around you. Nature offers countless opportunities for us to get back in touch with our roots, whether we are walking through beautiful fields, swimming in clear waters, or enjoying a hike up the mountains. Such activities are more often taken part in when we practice sustainability, and they will surely benefit your mental well-being.

A woman jumping out of joy on the beach while wearing a bikini.
You will most certainly find happiness if you open your heart to the beauty of the wonderful outdoors.

Lets you enjoy each moment

In the world of the everyday hustle and bustle, sustainability might be just what you need to slow it down. By taking advantage of all the sustainability options available, you will be able to take each day a bit slower. For example, taking the time to walk to work will let you relax and avoid the constant jams of busy city streets. On the other hand, if you practice sustainability, you will cook healthy and nutritious food for yourself and enjoy every step of the way, knowing you are treating yourself, your body, and the planet.

In conclusion

The many health benefits of sustainable living can be felt in different aspects of your life. From your commute to work/school to eating a healthy meal, there are many things it might affect. Your physical and mental health will benefit from all the different steps you are taking to better the planet and yourself. These changes will further motivate you to make other changes, creating a loop of good feelings and motivation to experience more of them.