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Even though it might not be easy, moving into a green home pays off in so many ways. You’ll personally experience plenty of benefits, and your actions can do a lot in terms of helping the environment. Always keep in mind that even the smallest individual actions can do a lot to increase awareness. Take ecoshuttle.com as an example. They’ve been promoting sustainability for over ten years and thus inspired others to follow the same path. But let’s cut to the chase – here’s how to move into an eco-friendly home.

Benefits of living in a green home

The word green combines two things most people care about the most – their health and their money. Those are also the two main reasons why living green is becoming a widely-accepted way of life. An eco-friendly lifestyle will help you save money and improve your health. But these are just some of the benefits of living in a green home and adopting environmentally-friendly habits.

Caption: Even if you switch the simplest and smallest habits for their eco-friendly substitutes, you’ll be going a long way!

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Are you still not convinced? Then before we let you know how to pack in a sustainable way and reveal our other tips, we’ll let you know what are the main benefits of moving into a green home:

Simple tips for moving into a green home

Nowadays, people are becoming more aware of how important being eco-friendly is. The good news is that things such as recycling are accepted and done by most of us on a regular basis. However, there are many more ways to reduce your carbon footprint and do even more for both yourself and the environment

If you are moving into a new home, it’s a perfect time for a fresh green start! To help you, we’ve prepared tips for organizing a green relocation and making your new home more eco-friendly. 

Repurpose and reuse things from your old home

The cheapest way to go green in your new home is to reuse things from your old home. Therefore, before you start planning your sustainable relocation, make sure to declutter and decide what things are worth bringing to your new home. Of course, make sure to get rid of anything that’s broken or can’t be used anymore.

If you are forced to furnish your new home from scratch, make sure to check out used furniture stores. You’d be surprised by how many amazing yet cheap pieces you can find.

Make your new home eco-friendly

Before you move in and settle into your new home, you want to invest in features and amenities that will make it more eco-friendly. As a lot of them require renovation, having everything done before moving in is also more convenient. 

Roofs of two homes with solar panels installed on them.

Caption: One of the most popular eco-friendly features people add to their homes is solar panels.

To help you choose features that best fit your home and budget, here are the three most common green features people add to their homes. Some of them can even apply if you plan on living green in a big city.

Energy-efficient light bulbs

Even though many households nowadays already use energy-efficient light bulbs, it’s always worth mentioning them. They are very effective and can help you save a lot of money. They are making old-fashioned light bulbs pretty much extinct.

Good insulation

One of the smartest ways to save money is to invest in proper insulation. This way, heat in your home will hold properly, which means you’ll spend less energy reheating it. Make sure your windows and doors are isolated well, too.

Solar panels

If you really want to go green all the way, solar panels should be your no. 1 choice. They are a long-term investment and can help you save a lot of money. If your budget is big enough, at some point, you can even become completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity.

Organize an eco-friendly move

When you’re moving into a green home, you need to make sure you’re moving in a green way, too. Just think about how much trash an ordinary move can produce! Let us not forget all the hazardous materials that may be disposed of in a very eco-unfriendly way, too.

Professional movers loading a big house plant into a van for moving into a green home.

Caption: Before moving into a green home, make sure to organize a sustainable and eco-friendly relocation.

To help you prevent this from happening during your relocation, we consulted the experienced team from divinemoving.com and prepared tips for an eco-friendly move:

The bottom line

As you can see, moving into a green home will not only benefit the environment but living sustainably will also make you happier and improve your wellbeing in many other ways. So wait no more – start changing your habits and adopting eco-friendly practices!

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