About us

For 15 years, ecoShuttle has been providing eco-friendly charter and
regular route transportation services for companies and groups both
 large and small.

Sustainability – What does it mean?

Of course, the term sustainability can mean different things to different companies. The term to us means using limited resources to do the job. Our drivers carry on these values of the company to you, the customer. Simply put, by considering chartering with ecoShuttle, you’re considering taking cars off the road and thus lessening the greenhouse gases put into our atmosphere. In addition, our no idle policy is the simplest way to lighten our carbon footprint.

ADA approved transportation


For those of you who have followed us since our 2007 inception, we used 99% biodiesel to power our first Sprinter van, which inevitably cost that engine its life. With our growing fleet, we learned (much like other companies) maintenance issues go hand in hand with the waste oil/fats, methanol and lye mixture that is biodiesel. Today though, those same waste vegetable oils and animals fats can be used as our primary fuel source called Renewable Diesel (R99). Renewable Diesel is also made of nonpetroleum renewable resources like animal fats, vegetable oils, and greases. It’s essentially the hydrogenated byproduct of agricultural food and livestock, it can be put in diesel tanks without blending, and it has zero performance issues like biodiesel.

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