Woman enjoying being in nature because living sustainably makes her happy. 

We’ve come to the point in our lives where living more eco-friendly is not only prudent but also necessary for our future. Recent research has shown that the sixth mass extinction of both animals and plants is underway. If this isn’t a red flag enough, just look at all the climate catastrophes happening all around the world. Our planet is actively screaming for help. Therefore, rapid change is a must. If we all start living sustainably, not only will we save our planet, but we’ll also lead happier lives. This is called ‘Sustainable Happiness’, and it’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in today’s article. So, keep reading if you’re curious about how living sustainably can make you happier.

Having a sense of purpose

Leading a more sustainable life will give you a great sense of purpose and make you realize you’re doing something bigger than yourself. You’ll have a higher goal in life than just simply surviving in this world. And saving our planet is a goal worth living for. This is exactly the reason why living sustainably can make you happier. Being a part of this change will give your life meaning and make you feel powerful.

Many people don’t know where to start or think that living sustainably is expensive. Fortunately, everybody can make a few changes in their everyday life that will make a massive difference in the long run. If you want to start living more environmentally conscious and find that great purpose in life, this is where you can begin:

This is something everybody can practice daily. It’s not an additional cost, nor is it demanding. However, these minor changes are a great start to an eco-friendly life. Therefore, there is no valid excuse not to start living this way.

There are so many ways to reduce a carbon footprint and feel happy at the same time.
Person holding a grown flower from the garden.

Connecting with nature 

Do you know that feeling when you go on a weekend getaway somewhere out of the city where you’re surrounded by nature and feel happy and at ease? This is exactly what we mean by saying that living sustainably can make you happier. Being connected to nature will completely change our mindset. 

The problem is we all live in cities with less and less greenery and more and more buildings, construction sites, parking, etc. In other words, we live in a concrete jungle. However, once you start living sustainably, you’ll be more involved with nature. Whether that’s maintaining your little garden, going for a walk, or picking up trash in the park every Saturday with the local community, you’ll feel much better than staring at your phone and doing nothing. That’s why spending time in nature and feeling a connection with it is incredibly uplifting. Your mental health will peak while you’re doing something great for your planet!

Becoming one with nature is the best remedy for both the Planet and your soul.

A woman doing yoga in the woods. 

Healthy lifestyle 

Healthy body, healthy mind, right? According to a 2016 study (American Journal of Public Health), increased fruit and vegetable intake were connected to higher self-reported levels of happiness throughout 24 months.

Well, one of the ways of leading a green life is going plant-based. And we all know this kind of diet has numerous benefits for your general well-being. Buying food from the local farmers’ market is always a better idea than purchasing from big supermarket chains. Everything you see in farmers’ markets is fresh and naturally produced on somebody’s farm. So, not only will you buy a healthier version of food, but you’ll also support small local businesses.  

Additionally, having your own garden with vegetables and a few fruit trees is an absolute dream. Of course, the luxury of having a backyard where you can plant all of this is not available to everyone. However, you can always make a little vegetable garden on your balcony or a herb garden in your window. Besides, always having fresh food from your garden means you’ll also save money. 

However, the financial aspect is not important here. Once you start growing your own food, you’ll realize how crucial and beneficial it is for our well-being to learn a new skill and take care of our environment. 

Moreover, driving less and walking or cycling more will do wonders for your physical health. This kind of activity will reduce your back or knee pain. In addition, hiking and cycling are great stress relievers. You’ll have a chance to breathe in the fresh air and clear your mind. This kind of healthy and sustainable living will definitely make you happier.

Eating healthy means leading a healthy life as well.
A plant based meal.

Making a difference 

We can all agree that living sustainably and taking care of our planet on a daily basis means making a huge difference. Not only for the planet, but for all of humanity. We can be the single person in our neighborhood practicing sustainability, but the truth is that our decisions can affect the decisions of others.

For example, if your friends recently started following the KonMari method and discarding things that don’t bring them joy, you can follow suit. Declutter your home and commit to not buying anything new for a certain period. If you realize that you have some important items you wish to keep in a storage unit, there are many eco-friendly ways to accomplish this. Green storage isn’t a myth, and even regular storage units can be sustainable if you make an effort. Making this kind of difference and the feeling of being a part of the change is what Sustainable Happiness is all about.

The bottom line

No matter if you’ve just started leading a more eco-friendly life or you’ve been in it for years, we believe you can already feel the difference in your mindset. Fighting against climate change is not just beneficial for the planet but also for your mental and physical health. It’s only logical that this all leads to a happier lifestyle. So, if you weren’t sure how living sustainably can make you happier, this is your answer.


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