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If you are unsure if and how your company can benefit from commuter shuttle services, you’re in the right place. We’ve done extensive research and assembled a list of benefits of commuter shuttle services for your business. Keep reading!

Boost personnel productivity

Although the realities of the office have been reevaluated due to remote work, some employees may still wish to keep their personal and business life apart. Offering shuttle service to employees who want to return in person could actually boost productivity among staff members. Access to a quick and secure means of transportation to work may increase general employee happiness, which has been shown to raise productivity levels.

It is evident that shuttle services may improve the everyday lives of your employees when you consider the negative effects of long commutes on health, ranging from increased blood sugar to greater stress levels.

Don’t allow your employees to stress over having to drive to work every morning! With commuter shuttle services, your company’s benefits extend to enhanced productivity among employees who now come to work unburdened by stressful morning traffic jams.

Less stress for your staff

Employee shuttles firstly result in reduced stress for your staff. Your staff will be able to spend time together on a convenient shuttle service rather than fighting the traffic alone. They will get to know one another better and avoid traffic altogether.

A picture of a traffic jam during rush hour. Caption: Commuter shuttle services can benefit your company and employees, who no longer

A business shuttle is a fantastic selling factor for recruiting new team members. Who wouldn’t want their commute to work during rush hour and their commute home at the end of the day to be less stressful? For newly recruited team members, relocation alone can bring too much stress. According to professionals at Michael Brooks Moving, providing your employees with the much-needed support during their move leads to increased motivation once they join the company.

Enhanced punctuality

Are your employees often late for work? Work shuttle may efficiently resolve that issue. You can ensure that every employee arrives at work at the appropriate time. Designing a timetable that picks them up from their homes at specific times in the morning ensures they also arrive at the same time.

The ideal method to start the workday for your staff is in this manner, which ensures that everyone does it simultaneously. It is also crucial to growing your company and encouraging productivity from the day the workday begins.

Tax cuts

The use of shuttles has tax advantages as well. A workplace shuttle service is eligible for these federal tax benefits, which allow employees to receive up to $130 in tax benefits to pay for mass transit trips. The perks are available to all of your company’s staff members.

By employing a shuttle service for your whole staff, you may take advantage of tax deductions to make employees’ travel to work more convenient and affordable. Under the existing system, your company can utilize pre-tax cash to pay for commuting.

Commuter shuttle services are more environmentally friendly

Eliminating many vehicles from the road and replacing them with a single shuttle drastically decreases emissions and is a more sustainable option. The most significant difference anyone can make is to alter their commute to work.A girl in the background holding a leaf facing the camera. Caption: Commuter shuttle services are a more sustainable option of transport.

It can be challenging to maneuver around congested public transit and crowded commuter automobiles.

Employers may lessen their carbon footprint by having staff ride in a single, handy vehicle rather than sending each employee in a separate car. You may reduce the number of individual automobiles your workers drive to work, so reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Charter bus transportation emits much less CO2 than other kinds of group travel.

Beat the traffic jam

Did you know that a city’s quality of life is closely correlated with how congested it is? In reality, traffic jams in crowded places eat up hours of the typical person’s day. It’s only logical to consider ways to improve problems like traffic, as we all attempt to navigate a post-COVID world. A shuttle for employees means fewer vehicles on the road, which lowers the likelihood of jams.

The avoidance of regular traffic might also have some benefits for your health. According to studies, driving in places with heavy traffic might worsen stress and high blood pressure. Giving staff a choice to sit back, unwind, and know they’ll get to the workplace on time may help reduce additional strain and tension.

Reduced Parking and Transportation Costs

Even if you already have a parking lot, arranging for employees to park safely and close might be challenging. Maintaining parking lots and ensuring they are secure may be labor-intensive and potentially create liability concerns. Employees usually require that you pay for parking expenses if your firm doesn’t have a parking lot.

All of these issues can be resolved by shuttle service for businesses. If your new employees are relocating and are concerned about the commute, offer them this option as a part of their benefits package. Besides being a cost-effective alternative to paying for your employee’s car transport expenses and the sometimes exorbitant daily parking fees, shuttle services are a great way to keep your employees motivated during relocation.

Opportunity for teambuilding

On the journey to and from work, people will have the chance to interact with their coworkers. Healthy professional connections minimize stress while boosting productivity, according to studies. Employees will be able to socialize and work together before starting the workday at the office, instead of waiting in a car by themselves and staring at a sea of red tail lights.

Colleagues working as a team on a project. Caption: Your team members bonding on their way to work is one of many benefits of commuter

Establishing a shuttle service opens up new doors for networking and forging bonds among staff members who usually don’t work together, allowing them to get to know one another better. Nothing brings people together more than some casual conversation. Those interactions may also provide some fresh business concepts!

How your company can benefit from commuter shuttle services: final thoughts

Implementing an employee shuttle may not be how you envisioned moving your company ahead. Still, it will undoubtedly significantly influence the areas that matter – your employees’ well-being, the environment, and your bottom line. Considering all the benefits your company can have from commuter shuttle services, it’s clear that investing in it is paid off in the long run.

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