—>TICKET PRICE REDUCED TO $30<—Ride sustainably to catch artists at work during Portland Open Studios

Portland Open Studios invites you to visit 98 individual artists’ studios throughout the Portland metro area. You will see a diverse group of artists working in their chosen media—painting, sculpting, blowing glass and much more.

You will meet emerging artists in their 20s and 30s as well as mid-career and well-established artists from all over the United States and the world who have chosen to live and work in the Portland metro area.

Always the 2nd and 3rd weekends of October.


…The environmentally friendly way to tour Portland Open Studios

Please indicate on the reservation form below what Date and Bus you would like to take from the following:

Saturday October 11th – West Side
Bus 1: Northwest / NW Industrial
45-48 Adrienne Fritze/Sabina Haque/Kindra Crick/Julie Blackman
36 Nicky Falkenhayn
35 Tom North
34 Sam Roloff
33 Tien-Chu Loh
32 Lorraine Dowty
31 Shelly Shinjo
29 Ming Wei
30 Diane Ahrendt

Bus 2: Burlingame Neighborhood
20 Sunny Smith
23 Susan Turner
24 Joni Mitchell
25 Donna Sanson
22 Christine Helton
21 Nanette Davis
26 Bruce Ulrich
27 Cirocco Moody
28 Brenda Boylan

Sunday Oct 12th – West Side
Bus 1: West Portland Park Neighborhood
1 Sara Swink
2 Ann Munson
5 Susan Greenbaum
6 Theresa O Leary
7 Tupper Malone
8 Doug Richardson
9 Shu-Ju Wang
10 Erin Leichty

Bus 2 : South Portland/Bridlemile
39 Margie Lee
38 Marjin Wall
16 Pam Greene
19 Jane Levy Campbell
17 Irene Lieban
18 Jan vonBergen
15 Jerry Harris
37 Lisa Parsons

Saturday October 18th – East Side
Bus 1: North Portland
56 Robin Shcuette Hames
54 Amy Stoner
53 Shelly Hershberger
52 Bonnie Meltzer
51 Heather Fields
49 Morgan Madison
50 Suzy Kitman

Bus 2: NE/Concordia
65 Chris Haberman
66 Jane Pagliarulo
64 William Park
63 Samyak Yamauchi
62 Margaret Davis
61 Maggie Casey
59 Scott Conary
57 Nicole Rawlins
58 Gwenith Jones

Sunday October 19th – East Side
Bus 1: Montivillia/Tabor
83/84 Kelly Neidig – Teresa Sullivan
86 Robin Bown
88 Nho Nguyen
90 Heather Wells
91 Kari Dunham
94 Careen Stoll
89 Todd Griffith

Bus 2: Sellwood/Brooklyn
74 Thomas Soule
92 Madeline Janovec
93 Marcy Baker
96/ 97 Robert Abbott/ David Kerr
98 Julie Fulkerson
95 Kati Bending

Please note there is a $30 ticket price per person for each day and area traveled. Tour guides are purchased separately. Use the order form HERE or click on this link for more information. Children through high school are free for all 4 days. We will contact you within 48 hours to inform you on how to obtain your ticket.

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