Spring is around the corner! And, is there a better place to spend your warmer and longer days than in the City of Roses? Probably not! If you want to experience that idyllic spring vacation, Portland is the place to be. This city has the most beautiful vegetation because of (almost constant) rain. It is full of lush gardens, flowery farmer’s markets, healthy trials, pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, etc. Of course, you can do plenty of things to have a more ‘traditional’ kind of fun – wining&dining, clubbing, and shopping. But today, we will share some eco-friendly ways to enjoy spring in Portland. Trust us; they are equally fun! And they are equally healthy for you and our planet.  

Check Out the Cherry Blossoms  

We can all agree that there is nothing more spring-like than cherry blossoms! And the good news is that Portland is full of them! We can thank the residents of Portland for that. Those residents who wanted to be green while living in a big city planted many cherry trees in their gardens, parks, sidewalks, and even on the beach. And, as a result, every spring, we have the most beautiful pink sights all over the city. 

One of the best eco-friendly ways to enjoy spring in Portland is to go to Tom McCall Waterfront Park and check out the most beautiful cherry blossoms. This park was gifted to Portland by the Japanese people, and if you have ever been to Japan, you will see the resemblance. Here, you can take a stroll through the park, enjoy the blossoms, breathe in the fresh air, listen to the sound of water, and look at bridges that give Portland another nickname – The City of Bridges.

Cherry blossoms under the sky.
You will love spring in Portland because of all the cherry blossoms.

Visit One of Many Gardens Here 

When it comes to eco-friendly ways to enjoy spring in Portland, there is nothing that can beat Portland’s mesmerizing gardens. Trust us, visiting just one of them will make you fall in love with this city and move. And you wouldn’t be the first as the professionals from Royal Moving Company inform us.  

But, let us go back to Portland’s gardens. We suggest going to the Japanese Garden first. Going here in springtime is a must because of sakura! Sakura is cherry blossom season (in Japanese). Here, you will see some of the most beautiful cherry blossom trees in the entire city. Then, go to the Lan Su Chinese Garden. There are no cherry blossoms here, but there are blooming camellias, magnolias, daphnes, and orchids. Of course, you cannot miss the Crystal Spring Rhododendron Garden either. Here is where spring gets all the colors you can imagine. And, for the end, save the Duniway Park Lilac Garden. This garden is definitely one of the most romantic places you will ever see. 

If you want to give your eyes a true feast, visit one of Portland’s gardens.

Go Shopping at the Farmers Market 

Shopping at your local farmer’s market is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Just think about it – you will shop what you need from local suppliers, be more plant-based, be more sustainable, etc. So, we strongly encourage you to shop there! Not only is this a smart thing to do (for our planet), but it is also fun, which is why we are listing it in our eco-friendly ways to enjoy spring in Portland. 

Farmer’s markets are where you will meet some of the most amazing locals, shop for the healthiest foods, try all sorts of meals and drinks, buy something handmade, etc. So, if you like what you hear, check out the PSU Farmer’s Market or Portland’s Saturday Market. 

Put on Your Walking Shoes and Hit the Trails 

One of the best eco-friendly ways to enjoy spring in Portland is to go on a hike. It is going to be good for you and the planet! So, put on your walking shoes and get started. The best place to go hiking is in Forest Park – the biggest urban forest in the entire USA. There, you will be able to choose from many trails which range in difficulty. If you are a beginner, you can choose something short and easy. And, if you have been doing this for quite some time, you can easily go for something more advance. Forest Park has 85+ miles of trails, so there’s something new to explore every time you hike. 

This nature is what brings the entire Oregon to Portland. Many people experience love at first sight when they come here. And that love is what moves them to this city. If this happens to you, too, be sure to hire movers. Long-distance moving is complicated, so to have a stress-free day of moving, let the professionals handle it. They will help you settle in quickly, and the sooner you settle in, the more you will be able to enjoy all the nature of Portland.

A forest trail.
You will love walking through the trails of Portland.

Go Whale -Watching 

One of the last ways to enjoy spring in Portland is to go to the coast and watch the whales. You can do this all year round, but it is in springtime when those beautiful and mysterious whales show themselves off. So, take our advice and go there in the middle of March – you will thank us later. And, of course, don’t forget to bring your binoculars and, preferably, some food and water – why not have a picnic while you are there. Do this, and see why Portland was named the most-eco friendly city in America

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to do something fun in Portland. And, as you can see, those same fun things can also be eco-friendly! Try some things from our list of eco-friendly ways to enjoy spring in Portland, and you will not regret it.