Happy Tuesday Blog Readers!
Don’t forget to mark your schedules for the start of the BirdFest and Bluegrass Festival at the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge, starting this Friday!


Lincoln Crockett is the first band to open the festival and they will be playing at the Old Liberty Theater. Tickets are $18 advance and $20 at the door. Special guests Peter Schwimmer, Nicolas Miranda and Jason Mellow will open the show. For tickets and related information, call 360-887-7260.

There are so many activities going down at BirdFest this year, I think my head is going to explode! Here are just some of the offerings apart from the music: Kayak tours, big canoe tours, bus tours (provided by ecoShuttle!), crane tours, arts & crafts, vegetables, and the Ridgefield Community Center which will transform into a Birder’s Marketplace! I hope to see you there.