The Biggest Environmental Benefits of Sustainable Transportation

People enjoying a sunny day at the park.

We face some of our most significant challenges right now because of climate change and environmental issues. Envision a world in which every nation and its people are concerned about the impact of their actions and behaviors on the environment. That’s why they’re looking for ways to lessen their influence wherever possible. If we could […]

The 7 Most Sustainable Cities in the US

News on climate change may be overwhelming, especially for individuals who are already worried about the state of the planet. The preservation of the planet’s natural resources is a major problem of our generation. There is, however, some encouraging news. Cities throughout the US are taking up the challenge to build safer, more sustainable neighborhoods. […]

Why eco-friendly living is good for your mental health

There are so many personal benefits to eco-friendly living that most people don’t realize. This lifestyle doesn’t only help the planet, but it improves our mental health drastically. When you live an environmentally friendly life, you are more grateful for what you have and experience less stress and anxiety. You’re more confident, etc. Here are […]

How Your Company Can Benefit from Commuter Shuttle Services

If you are unsure if and how your company can benefit from commuter shuttle services, you’re in the right place. We’ve done extensive research and assembled a list of benefits of commuter shuttle services for your business. Keep reading! Boost personnel productivity Although the realities of the office have been reevaluated due to remote work, […]

How to Throw an Eco-Friendly Birthday Party

Being eco-aware is not only about updating our small daily habits. It is about special occasions as well. Birthday celebrations are events that often create a lot of unnecessary waste. While parties in the recent years have been more low-key than pre-pandemic, the waste created on birthday parties for both kids and adults is still […]

Top Eco-Friendly Wineries in Willamette Valley

Many other communities in the Pacific Northwest have caught on to the sustainability sentiments that have taken root in Portland. As much as “the city of roses” may be known as the epitome of environmental care, just south of it in Oregon is a region with equally amazing environmental accomplishments. 150 miles south of Portland, […]

Eco-Friendly Ways to Enjoy Spring in Portland

Spring is finally here! And, is there a better place to spend your warmer and longer days than in the City of Roses? Probably not! If you want to experience that idyllic spring vacation, Portland is the place to be. This city has the most beautiful vegetation because of (almost constant) rain. It is full […]

Best Eco-Friendly Hotels in Oregon

The state of Oregon has a lot of things to offer – amazing cities, enchanting forests, and mesmerizing coastlines. What more can you ask for when it comes to leisure? Well, you can ask for eco-friendly hotels in Oregon! Do not worry – Oregon is full of those. Currently, around 30 different hotels state-wide are […]

6 Environmental Benefits of a Minimalist Lifestyle

   The world is changing, resources are dwindling, and nature needs our help. We must devise a fresh approach to a consumerism-dominated life in such circumstances. Minimalism is one such philosophy that can lead us to a better and more sustainable future. Many people believe a minimalist lifestyle is unrealistic, challenging, and unsuited to the […]

How to Recycle and Reuse Your Trash for a Cleaner Environment ♻️

source: According to the EPA, the average person produces approximately 4.9 pounds of “solid waste” or trash per day. Thankfully, you can recycle many everyday household items to help promote a cleaner, greener environment. Recycling and reusing items can help each individual to produce less trash that goes into landfills, ultimately harming our soil, air, and water. […]