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If you’re eager to embrace an eco-conscious lifestyle in the City of Roses, you’re in the right place. We’re going to reveal the top greenest neighborhoods in Portland that are not only ideal for minimizing your carbon footprint but also offer a friendly vibe and plenty of green spaces to relish. In this guide, we’ll delve into eight Portland neighborhoods, each committed to sustainability, making your search for the perfect home a breeze. From the lively Pearl District to the peaceful Cully area, every neighborhood has its unique appeal and characteristics that cater to green living aspirations. So, buckle up, and let’s explore these incredible eco-friendly communities as you embark on a journey toward a greener way of life.

1. Pearl District

The Pearl District shines as one of Portland’s most eco-friendly neighborhoods, boasting a mix of modern design and repurposed industrial buildings. This urban oasis is perfect for those who crave green living within a vibrant setting. Features like Tanner Springs Park, a reclaimed wetland that offers a serene escape amidst the city’s hustle and bustle, make the Pearl District stand out. The neighborhood also has eco-conscious apartment buildings like The Louisa and The Ramona, which emphasize energy efficiency and sustainable materials. Plus, its walkability and accessibility to public transportation options make it easy to live a greener lifestyle. With its diverse eco-friendly amenities, the Pearl District is a top choice for anyone looking to embrace sustainable living in Portland.

A man walking down the street in a beige coat while the sun is shining behind him.
Make the most of your everyday commute by enjoying the sights of one of the greenest neighborhoods in Portland – Pearl District.

2. Sunnyside

Sunnyside, a true gem among the greenest neighborhoods in Portland, is a vibrant community that embraces eco-friendly living. This charming neighborhood features tree-lined streets and a strong sense of community spirit. Sunnyside Environmental School, a K-8 public school, is a prime example of the neighborhood’s commitment to sustainability. The school integrates environmental education into its curriculum, shaping the next generation of eco-conscious citizens. In addition, Sunnyside has an abundance of green spaces, like the beautiful Sunnyside Piazza, a colorful street painting designed to calm traffic and foster connections among residents. The neighborhood’s walkability, bike-friendly streets, and easy access to public transportation make it a top contender for those seeking a sustainable life.

3. Buckman

Buckman is a delightful neighborhood that provides a small-town feel with big-city amenities. Often compared to Brooklyn’s hip and eco-friendly neighborhoods, Buckman is packed with sustainable features. This neighborhood, for example, is home to the Buckman community garden, where locals grow their own produce. This way, they promote self-sufficiency and reduce food miles.

Additionally, Buckman boasts LEED-certified buildings, such as the Slate and the Goat Blocks. These aim to prioritize energy efficiency and sustainable materials. The neighborhood’s excellent walkability and bike-friendly streets encourage eco-friendly commuting. Furthermore, the nearby Hawthorne Boulevard offers a variety of shops and eateries that support the local economy. If you’re considering moving from NYC to Portland for a much more sustainable living experience, Buckman is a top choice. Don’t forget to get your free moving quotes in NYC for a smooth transition, and get ready to embrace the eco-friendly essence of Buckman in your new home.

A little girl in a white dress watering some plants beside her.
Teach your little ones the benefits of growing produce at the Buckman community garden.

4. Hosford-Abernethy

Nestled between the Willamette River and Division Street, Hosford-Abernethy is a thriving neighborhood with a strong focus on sustainability. As you explore this community, you’ll discover various eco-friendly features. One such feature is the Abernethy Elementary School. This school is home to a vibrant garden program where children learn about sustainable agriculture and the importance of protecting the environment. Furthermore, the neighborhood is a hub for green businesses, such as the environmentally friendly grocery store New Seasons Market. Its goal is to source local produce and to always prioritize reducing waste. Hosford-Abernethy also boasts the renowned Ladd’s Addition, a unique residential area with tree-lined streets and rose gardens. Therefore, there’s plenty to see and explore if you choose to make it your home.


5. Arbor Lodge

Arbor Lodge stands out as one of the greenest neighborhoods in Portland, boasting many eco-friendly features to discover. This neighborhood’s strong commitment to green spaces is evident in the numerous parks and gardens scattered throughout the area. Some examples are Arbor Lodge Park and the Peninsula Crossing Trail. The community also supports various eco-friendly initiatives like the Arbor Lodge Urban Farm, which supplies local restaurants with fresh produce and aims to teach residents about sustainable farming practices. For green transportation options, Arbor Lodge is home to the North Portland Bikeway. This is an extensive network of bike lanes that encourages cycling as a primary mode of transportation. Additionally, the neighborhood is served by the MAX light rail system, which offers a convenient and environmentally friendly way to commute.

6. Overlook

Overlook, situated in North Portland, is a neighborhood that seamlessly blends urban living with the healthy power of nature. As you wander through Overlook, you’ll discover abundant green spaces like the beautiful Overlook Park. This park offers residents an oasis of tranquility amidst the bustling city. Furthermore, this location is not only there to provide a serene environment for relaxation and rejuvenation, but it also hosts various community events that promote sustainability and environmental awareness. Another gem in the neighborhood is the Mocks Crest Community Garden, where locals can cultivate their own organic produce. But it’s not only that! They may also participate in workshops for eco-friendly gardening practices. And for those seeking environmentally friendly transportation options, Overlook is well-connected through bike lanes and public transport.

An elderly couple sitting down and meditating on a field.
Be truly one with nature by spending time closer to it.

7. Sellwood-Moreland

Sellwood-Moreland, a charming neighborhood in Southeast Portland, is another top contender for eco-friendly living. This area is home to the Sellwood Riverfront Park, a scenic riverside spot where locals can enjoy outdoor activities and connect with nature. This park also features an off-leash dog area, ensuring that even your furry friends can appreciate the greenery. Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, a 163-acre urban wetland, serves as a sanctuary for local wildlife and provides opportunities for birdwatching and environmental education. In addition, the community is passionate about supporting local businesses, with a weekly farmers market offering fresh, locally sourced produce. With a focus on sustainable transportation, the neighborhood has pedestrian-friendly streets, bike lanes, and easy access to public transit. Therefore, Sellwood-Moreland demonstrates that it’s possible to maintain a strong connection to nature while enjoying the perks of urban living.

8. Cully

Last but not least on our list of the greenest neighborhoods in Portland is Cully, a diverse and vibrant community in Northeast Portland. Cully boasts a strong commitment to sustainability, as evidenced by the numerous eco-friendly amenities in and around the neighborhood. For instance, Cully Park, a 25-acre park, offers a green space for residents to enjoy and hosts various community programs. For example, an environmental education initiative. The park also features a community garden, fostering local food production and promoting sustainable practices. In Cully, you’ll find easy access to an array of eco-friendly activities, such as visiting nearby nature reserves, utilizing bike lanes, and local farmers markets. With everything you need for a green lifestyle close at hand, Cully truly shines as a prime example of Portland’s dedication to sustainable living.