A bag with the ‘recycle’ sign, symbolizing ways to teach your kids about sustainability.

Sustainable energy is the key to a better future and a healthy planet. For that reason, we need to raise awareness about it and teach our children about the importance of sustainable energy. Future generations must learn how to care about the only planet we have. With that in mind, here are the best ways to teach your kids about sustainability and help them have a healthy life and a promising future.

Start with recycling

The best way to start teaching kids about being green while living in a big city is through recycling. This is the first step, but a crucial one. Thanks to the recycling process, we can turn waste into new materials.

It is also important to know that recycling can turn waste like plastic bottles into thermal and electric energy. This is known as energy recycling, and it is one of the main reasons why we want to recycle bottles. Through this form of recycling, we are helping with the process of creating a sustainable energy source.

Picking up trash and sorting garbage

As a natural continuation to recycling, picking up trash and sorting garbage is another important step. It will teach your kids to be mindful of their living environment.

What you can do is get some gloves and bags and go for a productive walk with your children. Spend some time picking up trash in your neighborhood. Explain to them that they are the ones who need to keep their neighborhood clean. It should be a team effort of anyone living in the area.

Plant a garden

Plants and trees are important for creating oxygen. However, the forests around the world are dying for multiple reasons. Teach your kids the value and importance of planting gardens. This can be a fun project for the entire family.

Caption: Watching plants grow is a great lesson for everyone.

Small green plants growing out of the soil.

Furthermore, your children will see how plants grow, which is a wonder on its own.

Perform a water pollution experiment

The quality of water is another important factor that will define our future. There are various forms of sustainable energy that revolve around water flow.

Do a couple of experiments with your children and mix colored chemicals with water to visually show them what is happening. They should learn how to keep rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans clean. Throwing waste in water sources is a big “no-no”, and they need to learn this while they are little. By keeping our water supply clean, we can improve our lives and live happily due to sustainable energy.

Do an air pollution experiment

Another way to teach your kids about the dangers of a dirty environment is through an air pollution experiment. Air is invisible to the naked eye. However, that does not mean it is clean.

If you have a car, start the engine and show them what happens with the exhaust pipe. They need to understand that everything that gets released into the atmosphere may one day end up in our lungs.

Caption: Explain to your kids that we must stop polluting the air as soon as possible.

Clouds of black smoke above a factory complex.

You can do the same experiment by visiting areas with factories that have tall chimneys.

Stop using plastic packaging

There are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint. An excellent way to teach your kids about carbon footprint is to stop using plastic packaging. Creating plastic packaging is done by emitting CO2 into the atmosphere. If we lower the use of plastic packaging, we can influence the production process. And, we might reduce the quantity of CO2 in our atmosphere.

Use eco-friendly materials whenever you can

Going green is sometimes easier said than done. It requires dedication and perseverance. Nevertheless, we can all take small steps and contribute together to a healthier planet.

Try to increase the use of eco-friendly materials in your daily activities. If you are currently moving into a new home, explore ideas for sustainable packing. This is also a great moment to include your kids in the process.

Install low flow faucets in your home

Low flow faucets are an excellent way to reduce water consumption in your home. This is also a great example of how water consumption affects our environment.

Energy-saving lightbulbs and solar energy

Another change you can introduce into your household is energy-saving lightbulbs. Just as we want to reduce water usage, we also want to reduce the usage of electric energy. Alternatively, you can purchase a solar panel and teach your kids about the benefits of solar energy. This can be an expensive project, so make sure you can cover the financial side.

Do a compost bottle experiment

Compost is very important for crops and soil. You can do an experiment by creating a compost bottle. This project will teach your children about biodegradable materials. They can see how various materials decompose and break down in the soil.

Create recycled paper

We get paper from wood. The more forests we cut down, the worse the situation becomes for our planet and our lives. Teach your kids the value of recycled paper.

Caption: By using recycled paper, we are reducing the number of cut trees around the world.

Newspaper bundles tied with ropes.

You can take bits of paper, tear them into small chunks, and throw it into a blender. Add warm water and start the slow mode until all the paper is turned into mush. The idea is to take a tub, fill it with water, and add a smooth paste. You will then use a deckle frame, dip it into the water with the paper paste, and pull it out. The paste should stick on the surface of the frame, and once it dries out, you get your recycled paper.

Explain to your kids that, by using recycled paper, we are reducing the use of trees for this purpose.

Teach your kids about sustainability so they can have a better life

It is not that difficult to teach your kids about sustainability. All of these projects are very fun, and you can turn them into educational games. Our children need to understand the importance of sustainable energy, so they can pass on that knowledge to the next generations.

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