Enjoying the Holidays: Accessible and Disability-Friendly Travel Destinations Around the Globe

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Going on a holiday requires a great deal of planning. Booking accommodation, flights, making arrangements with tour guides and much more. With a disability, you will be required to do extra research to ensure you have the best holiday with full access to your dream vacation spots.

Basically, ‘accessibility’ and ‘disability-friendly’ destinations will be your main terms of reference.

Thankfully, gone are the days travelers with a disability had limited accessible destinations to choose from. Travel has become so wide-open and accessible for people with disabilities compared to a few years back. With this in mind, we have made a top-five list of some of the most accessible and disability-friendly travel destinations around the world.

Top five accessible travel destinations

Quick note: 

Before you head out,ensure you carry with you any important supplies you might require on your vacation; your medicine, health insurance cards, a letter from your doctor and a travel passport. 

Don’t  forget to pack your sunscreen. It helps a lot in preventing sunburns. Alternatively, if travelling in your car can opt for window tint to reduce your exposure to sunlight.

1.     Tenerife Spain

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With an inviting warm climate, the Canary Islands offer a perfect vacation spot for travelers looking for a unique swimming and sunbathing experience. Tenerife Island is located 65 miles off the coast of West Africa.

Upon arriving in Tenerife, you will notice how hassle-free traveling around is, thanks to the ramps, dedicated parking slots, and lifts. With the support of the government and the locals, Tenerife has been able to create a barrier-free travel destination, accessible to all.

Attractions in Tenerife

Los Cristianos – the paradise

Los Cristianos is a picturesque town, with palm-lined promenades, along the striking sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.  The town has a lively nightlife, with modern bars and restaurants which are wheelchair friendly and designed to accommodate travelers with disabilities. 


Enjoy a fancy day at the beach

Whether you are looking for party beaches, secluded beaches or even a beach for your favorite water sport; there almost a beach for every taste in Tenerife. Tenerife’s beaches are well-equipped and accessible to all. Some have even won awards for the most accessible beaches for people with disabilities. 

 Travel back in time

For history buffs, a trip to the Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre (Natural History Museum) will surely quench your thirst for 200 BC art and history. The museum aims at capturing, protecting and conserving the Islands culture and heritage through its displays and exhibitions.

The museum is fully accessible with lifts, restaurants and support facilities for the deaf and blind visitors; including the audio-guides and braille facilities for the blind and sign language guides for the deaf.



2.     Disney World

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When it comes to creating magical and memorable holidays, Disney world is unmatched. Taking the notch higher, Disney world offers accessible attraction sites for travelers with disabilities.

Disney World has dedicated parking lots for wheelchair users and other mobility devices. The parking lots are available at all four parks. You will, however, be required to have a valid disability permit before accessing the parking lots.

Food courts and restaurants in Disney World are also wheelchair accessible and assistance can be offered if you need any help.

Rides to enjoy while still at your wheelchair

Disney World allows you to enjoy the following rides while still at your wheelchair;

          The Hall of Presidents

          Liberty Square Riverboat

          Jungle Cruise

          Flights of Wonder

          Shark Reef

          The American adventure

3.     Sydney

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Sydney is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. The city offers an exciting, colorful and vibrant experience for a memorable vacation. Its perfect mix of nature and culture makes it among the top travel destinations globally.

Accessible destinations to visit;

The coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee

The walk from Bondi to Coogee is known to be one of the most exciting beaches walks in Sydney. The beach has a walkway hugging the coastline, thus aiding in accessibility. As you go along the walkway you will enjoy the ocean views, crashing waves, towering sandstone cliffs and a view of Australia’s famous Bondi Beach. If lucky enough, you might spot whales, sea turtles and fascinating birds along the shoreline.  

Royal Botanical Garden

Not only does the royal botanical gardens have the most unusual plants and harbor views, but also the most accessible walkways in the city. The garden features very easy level walk paths, accessible on wheelchair, disability-friendly restrooms and accessible indoor venues.

Sydney Opera House

A vacation in Sydney is not complete without the country’s famous landmark, the Sydney Opera House. From the range of vocal cords to the stunning costumes, Sydney Opera House will spark your imagination beyond words. Accessibility is assured in the Opera House and you will get wheelchair access and companion seating.

  1.     Cape Town, South Africa

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Cape Town is the legislative capital city of South Africa. The city boasts a number of natural and historic attractions making it one of the most popular destinations in Africa.

Due to its modern infrastructure and transport system, Cape Town has developed to be one of the most accessible cities on the continent.

Travel destinations in Cape Town

Bus sightseeing tours

Hop onto the iconic red open-top buses and explore Cape Town’s Top attractions. Enjoy a tour around the city, Yellow Downtown, Purple Wine and the peninsular on a bus as you view the beauty and culture of the South African people. Most of the buses have an extending ramp and a space for a wheelchair on its lower deck.

Planetarium- Iziko Museum

Iziko Museum was the first in the country, founded in 1825. It houses important archeological collections, paleontology, and African zoology. Those with a disability won’t miss out as there are lifts, ramps with handrails and accessible restrooms.

Cape Town International convention center

Cape Town International convention center excels in showcasing its innovative designs and seminars that focus on the culture and origin of the South African people. The Cape Town International convention centre is designed for everyone and is fully accessible.

  1.     Vienna Austria

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Vienna is a lovely city to visit with its splendid streets, hands-on museums, cultural events, and breath-taking architecture. Getting around the barrier-free Vienna city is easy and you won’t have to worry about mobility, be it air, road or rail.


Travel destinations

Visit the Stephansplatz

This pedestrian-only area is filled with plenty of musicians, performers, and restaurants. The Stephansplatz has lots of designer couture shops, old cathedrals, monuments, and souvenir stands to visit. 

The Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera)

Visit the famous Staatsoper in Vienna. This Opera house was rebuilt in the late 1940s after destruction during WWII. The restoration brought it back to its former glory, making it one of the most sought after travel destinations in the city.

 The Belvedere Palace and Museum

The Belvedere Palace and Museum is one of the most amazing baroque landmarks in Europe. The Belvedere houses a large collection of art dating from the early ages to the present day. The museum is easily accessible by a tram, but if your power chair has a good battery life, you can visit the museum from the city center, it’s roughly 3 miles.


Get around!

International travel has never been this easy for vacationers with disabilities. No matter what your abilities or limitations may be, you now have a wide list of travel destinations and holiday spots with no barriers to visit. Come on, thrilling adventures await!