EcoShuttle French Fry Bus
EcoShuttle French Fry Bus
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Students at Lewis and Clark can get around in true Portland style with the planet friendly bio-diesel buses of EcoShuttle.  EcoShuttle operates five buses for the “Pioneer Express” between Lewis and Clark college and downtown Portland.  ECO stands for “Environmental Commuter Option” and it provides both student commuters and employees sustainable transportation to and from the affluent community of Lake Oswego and the downtown area.

EcoShuttle is the brain child of partners William Samson and Jessie and Fiona Yun.  Their vision is to “pave the street with more EcoShuttles and mass transits than single occupant commuters”.  They believe that all the buses across Portland should be running off of recycled French fry grease. According to Jesse Yun, “As the only fleet using 100% alternative fuels in Portland, we already set the bar high. So with all else created equal, why even consider going anywhere else? Our value, safety and legendary customer service set us apart.”

EcoShuttle is more than just guilt-free transportation – customers can have the reassurance that 100% of the bio diesel used in the bus is from locally sourced “waste grease”, a non-toxic, bio degradable and carbon friendly fuel.  It is a common myth that bio diesel is not environmentally friendly.  Many believe that using crops that could be food sources as fuel causes deforestation and increases food prices.  But in fact, there are over 30 million gallons of waste vegetable oil produced in restaurants every year.  The vast majority of these restaurants simply dispose of the excess oil. But this oil can be recycled, filtered and converted into fuel quite easily, thereby taking up zero agricultural land.

In addition to their daily shuttle service, EcoShuttle also provides Limousine style charter and tour services. The charter service provides customizable tour to the Oregon wine country, local microbreweries as well as corporate and sporting events.Wedding planners and tour operators can use the EcoShuttle bus service for private parties and special events as each trip is customizable with private reservation specialists working with party planners to create the best tour options.  Whether you use the EcoShuttle to trip out to Lake Oswego and back or for a private tour or simply as an airport shuttle service, there are plenty of ways to engage in eco-friendly travel around Portland without a polluting car.

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