Happy Friday Blog Readers!


I just want to thank all the wonderful folks who came out to the Better Living Show last weekend at the Portland Expo Center. We had a great time and we were even on the local news for approximately 1/18th of a second, woohoo!

This year’s show once again demonstrated that there is so much going on in the world of sustainability. Some of my perennial favorites include sustainable fashions and clothing options, the bamboo industry displays (they had this giant water mill on display, I’m not sure what purpose that thing served exactly, or how in the world they got it in there, but it was awesome!), and the electric cars display, which were right across from our booth. This year they had a Tesla Roadster, Fisker Karma, a Nissan Leaf (like the one we own), and a Chevy Volt (sweet car!).  

What else, oh yeah, we totally got to drive Daryl Hannah, as well as Miss Teen Universe and Miss Teen USA. Great girls, all of them! And of course, our booth neighbor this year was once again our friend Bill who represents the Portland area Toyota Hybrid automotive club. Good to see you again Bill!

We have some exciting summer activities coming up this summer so look for me to update you on those things in next week’s blog post. Stay dry this weekend!