Gobble Gobble, Blog Readers!

As you may or may not know, the official alma mater of ecoShuttle is Ohio University!  Jesse and Fiona Yun, two of the three owners are grads of OU, and I am as well!  We are super excited that our OU Bobcats football team has recently won the MAC East athletic conference.  Congratulations Bobcats!  Oddly enough, the other owner of ecoShuttle, William Sampson, is a proud graduate of Northern Illinois.  Northern Illinois recently won the MAC West and are set to play OU for the MAC Championship.  It’s on, Will!

OU is more than just a competitive football team; they’re also competitive in their use of sustainable energy:  OU has 5 solar arrays in all parts of the campus, one of which sits atop Chubb Hall, the admissions building, and it cranks out 330 watts- enough to power nearly everything in the building.  All of the waste grease from the university dining halls ends up being recycled into biodiesel and is then sold to local farmers to fuel their tractors—this also saves the school money on disposal costs.  Additionally, OU maintains an off-campus residence house called EcoHouse, which is completely self-sustaining, check it out here.  Go Bobcats!

Happy Thanksgiving!