Hey Gang!

Welcome back to the blog.  I took a week away from the blog last week because we have been mega-busy!  This week though, I want to look at an upcoming event called the BirdFest and Bluegrass Nature Festival (http://www.ridgefieldfriends.org/birdfest.php).

The BirdFest and Bluegrass Nature Festival is a chance for guests to explore the amazing ecology of SW Washington as birds come back as part of their annual Fall migration (Hey birds, don’t forget to come back!).  The nature exploration goes hand-in-hand with some incredible local history and the whole event is set to some of the best bluegrass around.  There will also be tours featuring expert archeologist tour guides who will guide you down paths that were once traced by Sacajawea, and those two guys following her… Oh yeah- Lewis and Clark!  Don’t forget to bring the kids as well; there will be plenty of opportunities for fun and learning.  I personally am excited about the Raptor Displays.

The Festival will be taking place on October 8th and 9th in Ridgefield, WA, so don’t miss it!

Have a great weekend!