Hello Blog readers!

This week many professional sports executives are in town to meet up and put their minds together to see how they can put their respective teams on the road to sustainability.  I love it when professional sports bump into social responsibility!

Of course this meeting would take place in Portland.  Our very own Blazers are founding members of the Green Sports Alliance (a professional sports sustainability think tank, and the only of its kind), which consists of other NW sports franchises including the Seattle Seahawks, and Vancouver Canucks.  While no pro team is even close to being carbon neutral, our Trail Blazer’s Rose Garden Arena is the only major sports venue to be certified LEED Gold, and that is impressive.  Hopefully this think tank will come up with some ways to combat waste.  I’m thinking they could start composting left over food waste?  What about maybe lowering beer prices?  Oh wait, that’s just on my own personal wish list, never mind.  (http://news.opb.org/article/executives-gather-make-sports-greener/)

In other news, car drivers please be careful!  Some guy’s SUV sacked former Oregon Ducks quarterback Joey Harrington on his bicycle, fortunately he’s okay.  Hang in there Joey! (http://news.opb.org/article/former-duck-qarterback-joey-harrington-hit-while-biking/)