Hello everyone!  I’d like to bring to your attention a neat concept.   It’s called Plate and Pitchfork (http://www.plateandpitchfork.com/dinners.aspx).  Plate and Pitchfork invites you to a farm, gives you some wine and an appetizer, and then a guided tour of the farm.  Upon returning from the tour, world-class chefs prepare 4, sometimes 5-course meals for guests, each of which is paired with a fine wine or beer.  Throughout the meal you’ll hear from the people who have grown, caught, raised and crafted the items on the table.  The best part; no kids, they aren’t allowed!

Okay, well maybe the no kids part is the third best part after the amazing list of chefs who will be preparing the dinners (Chef Benjamin Bettinger from Beaker & Flask, Chef Alex Yoder from Olympic Provisions, Chef Chris Carriker from Gilt Club, and Chef Leather Storrs from Noble Rot, just to name a few) which I would say is the best part, followed closely by the delicious wine and beer part.

Some of the locations that will be hosting the dinners include Sun Gold Farm, Domaine Drouhin, Smith Berry Farm, Viridian Farms, Champoeg Farms, and Sauvie Island Organics.  So you can drive there, have some drinks, and then totally illegally drive home intoxicated, smashing into cows, other cars, trees, and everything else in the way of your drunken adventure mobile…Or you can do the responsible thing, and board the ecoShuttle that will safely chauffeur you to the farm and back to Portland for a mere $20.  We will be providing transportation for the August 7th dinner at Viridian Farms, and the August 14th dinner, also at Viridian Farms.  The August 14th dinner is currently sold out, so if you’ve already registered for that day, be sure to signup to ride the ecoShuttle, we can’t wait to see you!

Are you still reading?  Did you read all the way to this part of the blog?  Congratulations to you sir/ma’am!  I have to mention this amazing wine tour I went on last weekend.  I don’t recall all the wineries, but I know we went to Domaine Drouhin, which was great, as well as a new one I’d never been to, De Ponte Vineyards (http://www.depontecellars.com/).  They only accommodate groups of nine or less, so it’s a great stop if you’ve got a smaller group.  Their wine was terrific, and their service was outstanding!  After the wine-tasting we all kicked back at McMenamin’s Hotel Oregon (http://www.mcmenamins.com/441-hotel-oregon-home).  What a great place to stay if you’re in wine country.  They also have a bar on the roof, it was fun.  Okay, I’m out!