The idea of living in or on the ocean has always been a fascinating idea tome.  I think growing up in a landlocked state has always driven my interest in the life aquatic.   I recently heard an interview with oceanographer Dr. Robert Ballard on NPR’s Talk of the Nation Science Friday that piqued my interest.

You may remember Ballard as the first person to locate the remains of the Titanic,which he also visited in a deep-sea submarine that he himself engineered.  At any rate, a person called the radio show and asked Dr. Ballard about where people will live as the polar ice caps melt and we have less dry land to inhabit.  Ballard said he believes people will inevitably have to begin colonizing the ocean because the human population continues to multiply,and because the ice caps are undoubtedly melting and raising the sea-level.

The key to colonizing the ocean, Ballard claims, is an off-shore oil platform called a spar buoy platform.  These spar platforms are usually about 300-feet long, stand vertically in the ocean-much of which is underwater with the actual platform being above the water, and are tethered to the ocean floor.  This unique design could allow for aqua-culture growth on the sides of the buoy, air-conditioning and electricity from water heat-exchanges, and aquarium-like windows in the rooms.  Sign me up! 

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  1. Hello there, I don’t agree with everything in this write-up, but you do make some very excellent points. I’m very interested in this matter and I myself do alot of research as well. Either way it was a well thoughtout and nice read so I figured I would leave you a comment.

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