With the popular trend that is emerging around the world for greener living and trying to be as eco conscious as possible recent moves made by the hotel industry have led to a number of establishments being classed as ‘green’. And now, in the heart of Czech Republic, even those travelling on a modest budget can benefit from the city’s newest eco hotel; Mosaic House.

As Eastern European cities continue to become increasingly popular with British tourists as an exciting destination to explore, it seems that Prague has taken the time to invest in what modern day travellers are looking for. Well located for a number of Prague’s most historic and cultural offerings, the Mosaic House offers private rooms and dorm bunks. Suiting those on various budgets the eco conscious are welcomed with an array of green practices to keep their global exploration as carbon neutral as possible.

With direct flights to Prague easily found from London airports such as Stansted and Luton as well regional airports including Manchester, tourists can enjoy the city and new hotel for a modest price. Incorporating solar water heating, computer controlled room temperatures and the first greywater recycling unit in the country into the hotels design occupants are treated to luxury standards without the carbon price tag. Meanwhile both showers and toilet include water saving features, whilst much of the furniture within the rooms have been locally sourced. And with the hotels restaurant donating used oil from the deep fryer to biodiesel shuttle buses, after an exciting trip to the city even the airport bus journey is eco-friendly.

Posted by James, 15 June 2010 12:39