Eco-friendly weddings, ethical weddings, green weddings or socially conscious weddings

, whatever terminology one uses, studies show that more and more bridal couples are planning weddings that respect the preservation and sustainability of the earth.

For many engaged couples and their families, the idea of a green wedding, however, is a little altruistic. Many people believe that doing their part is so infinitely minute in the total scheme of the universe that holding an eco-friendly wedding would be a severe burden for little foreseeable results. And it might be agreed that carrying out a successful green wedding is an enormous task fraught with much determination and endless concessions. But this article will present very simple ways in which all couples can contribute to the safe longevity of the planet.

One of the biggest challenges in planning a green wedding is the choice of wedding specialist. If the budget allows and the couple has decided to hire a wedding consultant, the first question that must be asked is “Do you use eco-friendly vendors and suppliers?” Regardless of whether the consultant comes highly recommended, if she is not willing or not able to participate in your green bridal wishes, then simply move on.

Having found the appropriate wedding planning expert, the couple and the consultant next discuss to what extent the wedding should be considered eco-friendly. For example:

All of the hashed-out details and budget should be stated in a contract and decided upon in the beginning to avoid confusion and ill will as the planning process advances. Here are a few details that might be part of the eco-friendly wedding planning package.

Wedding Tosses – Instead of throwing confetti, which is not only ecologically dangerous, but also dangerous to people when tread upon, look for vendors who offer fresh petals in paper sleeves or fabric pouches.

Serving Ware – Stay away from plastic plates, forks, spoons and knives. Instead purchase biodegradable utensils that have been made with corn or potato starch.

Wedding Favors – Look for wedding favors that respect the environment and do not encourage guests to contribute to huge landfills. Choose items that the guests will use or that will not be thrown away. For example, a hand-made picture frame with the happy couple’s engagement photo or a tree that can be planted in the guest’s backyard. Disposable cameras, on the other hand, are a no-no when it comes to eco-friendly weddings as very few end up in recycling facilities.

Personalized Stationery – Customarily, all wedding reception tables showcased beautifully printed personalized napkins, matchbooks and wedding favor gift tags. Not only is the process expensive leading to a higher budget, but also the printing itself is in most cases harmful. Nowadays, since most people do not appreciate matchbooks and since the napkins are thrown away, a suggestion would be to forego the personal messages and use plain white recycled napkins. Going one step further, one may order linen napkins with the tablecloths. And for the tag on the wedding favors, look for rice paper or some type of recyclable material.

Transportation – While it is very difficult to get away from the use of cars in today’s society, there are a couple ways to conserve energy and avoid polluting the air on one’s wedding day. If the budget permits, hire a horse and carriage or order a larger limousine so that everyone fits in one vehicle rather than using several vehicles. Another idea, which would be appreciated by the guests for convenience, is hiring a shuttle bus to carry the out-of-town guests from the hotel to the church to the reception hall and back to the hotel. The guests will not be required to rent vehicles and there will be fewer vehicles on the road.

Indeed, there are many ways in which a couple might contribute to the preservation of the earth. Whether it is done in a small way or a big all-out effort, there is one last point that should guide the wedding decision making process. In order to produce successfully, a green wedding, one must review a couple questions:

Suggested wedding planning information:

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