With increasing intolerances for transportation pollution and international greenhouse gas regulations growing, shipping companies are working to develop different greener technologies to deal with emissions, fuel and waste management.Businesses that rely on imported goods can do little to change the truck, rail and marine miles used in transport, but through a new website, GreenShipping companies and individuals can offset the environmental impact of shipping through UPS, USPS and FedEx.

The website allows for businesses to track shipments for pennies a package and accurately gauge the emissions that result. For example, a small package sent by air produces greater CO2 than a box of similar size sent by ground. With most tracking software, you see arrivals, but not necessarily the entire path. GreenShipping uses Google Maps, and is flush with transportation data (including weather issues). Once your package is shipped, they calculate the CO2 generated by the shipment.

Once the emissions have been calculated, GreenShipping works with a non-profit to invest in wind energy, by purchasing carbon offsets to counterbalance greenhouse gas production. The Bonneville Environmental Foundation’s (BEF) Carbon Offsets have met environmental criteria endorsed by the Natural Resources Defense Council and others. BEF’s Carbon Offsets are also certified by Green-e, which certifies and verifies renewable energy and greenhouse gas mitigation products.

GreenShipping can get consumers and businesses alike to consolidate shipments. With carbon offset efforts like this, pressure may raise on shipping companies for greener initiatives, like hybrid/electric conversions and devices that reduce vehicle idling.

Efforts like this may compensate for situations where one cannot buy local and also stimulate sectors that are beginning to receive government incentive, but are still not receiving the funding they need. GreenShipping and the BEF are working to promote wind over coal, and are hopefully highlighting to consumers the problem of air freight, which consumes more fuel than ground.

GreenShipping.com is a property of Green Ventures, Inc., a start-up incubator in Hood River, Oregon, that focuses on the adoption and use of green technology.