2 April 2009

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has issued a first-in-the-nation solicitation for charging equipment to service electric vehicles (EVs). At the request of local entities and electric utilities throughout the state, ODOT is using its public/private partnership authority to establish consistent standards and uniformity in building an EV charging infrastructure for Oregon.

Oregon is poised to lead the nation in the early adoption of plug-in electric vehicles. Having one common, open system for all types of vehicles is the only way this will be successful. This effort to promote consistency in the EV charging network is vital to gaining public recognition and acceptance of the new technologies coming on the market.

—Gail Achterman, chair of the Oregon Transportation Commission

Among the technical requirements for qualified proposals are:

A desirable, but not required feature, is a NEMA 5-20R, 120VAC/20 amps receptacle to accommodate plug-in hybrid and neighborhood EVs not equipped with the SAE J1772 coupler.

The RFP will be open for 90 days. ODOT plans to execute purchase agreements and have entities in Oregon begin deployment of EV charging infrastructure in September-October of this year.

ODOT is also pursuing grant opportunities to accelerate the state’s EV infrastructure initiative. The US Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program received a $300 million boost from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and is encouraging qualified entities to apply for funding for sustainable projects.

April 2, 2009