Hello! This is William and I just got back from three intense days of touring wineries within the Willamette Valley and Dundee Hills. What a treat! The grapes are coming on strong, the wine tastes great (from what I hear…driving :*( ), and the views are incredible. Wineries love nothing more than a 100% biodiesel powered vehicle to roll up on their land. It is the respect that we here at ecoShuttle have for our environment. Heck, some of the wineries like us so much that they are willing to throw in a free tour for our guests!

I am proud to announce that we have added two new shuttles to our fleet! Our first is a brand new 2008 11 passenger Sprinter which travels in such comfort that we constantly have requests for this specific vehicle. Second, we have a 17 passenger bus which is ADA compliant!


This bus has received so much attention due to the fact that we are wheelchair capable that it has ranked as our #1 booked vehicle as of late.

So as we roll into Autumn, I want to thank you for a wonderful summer and look forward to providing the most sustainable wine tours, parties, festivals, weddings, and corporate functions. Take care of yourself and our planet.