A 45-foot, 28 ton Rolling Bush Museum Makes Latest Stop on National Tour / Local OR Progressive Leaders to Hold Sen. Smith Accountable for Enabling Disastrous Bush/Conservative Policies That Have Harmed Our National Security, Ruined the Economy and Sacrificed Key Domestic Priorities.

Photo courtesy: bushlegacytour.com

(PORTLAND, Ore.) – In what supporters of the President have dubbed his “legacy year,” Americans United for Change, the progressive issue-advocacy group best known for leading the successful fight to beat back President Bush’s effort to privatize Social Security in 2005, has hit the road its latest effort — the Bush Legacy Bus.

The 45-foot long, 28 ton, clean bio-diesel-powered museum on wheels features several interactive exhibits on how two terms of failed conservative policies supported by Bush and his allies – including Sens. John McCain and Gordon Smith – have weakened America’s security abroad while neglecting and undermining important priorities here at home.

The Bush Legacy Tour will make two stops in Oregon – first on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008 in Portland at 12:00 PM PT at Tom McCall Waterfront Park by SW Yamhill and SW Taylor, and then on Thursday, July 24th, in Salem at 10:00 AM PT at State Capitol Plaza (Wall of Water), 980 Court St. N.E.

Americans United will be joined by Oregon Action and other local OR labor and progressive leaders to hold Sen. Gordon Smith accountable for voting in lockstep with this President’s worst policy failures 81 percent of the time in the last full congressional term, according to Congressional Quarterly.

He stood with Bush on everything from tax cuts for millionaires that never managed to ‘trickle-down’ to everyone else; to a 2005 Republican energy bill written by and for big oil companies making record profits that did nothing to lower gas prices; to keeping U.S. troops struck in the crosshairs of a religious civil war in Iraq.

The bus will be opened to the public where the people of Oregon will be given the chance to reflect on how 8 years of failed Bush/conservative polices have left behind an economy in shambles, millions more without health insurance, an endless and mismanaged war in Iraq that has stretched our military to the breaking point, and thousands each day losing their jobs, their homes, and their dignity.

The Bush Legacy tour kicked off in Washington D.C. on June 24th and will travel coast-to-coast throughout the summer, making nearly 150 stops in the hometowns of Bush’s allies in Congress, both national political conventions and symbolic and historic locations like New Orleans and Crawford, TX. Click here to visit the Bush Legacy Tour homepage: bushlegacytour.com.

Jobs with Justice, AFSCME, ACORN, SEIU/OPEU, Oregon Health Action Campaign, Oregonians for Health Security, will bring the 45-foot, 28 ton Rolling Bush Legacy Museum to be Opened to Public / Sen. Smith to Be Held Accountable for Enabling Disastrous Bush Policies That Have Harmed Our National Security and Sacrificed So Many Domestic Priorities.

1st Bush Legacy Bus Stop in Portland, Oregon, happens Wednesday, July 23rd at 12:00 PM at Tom McCall Waterfront Park by SW Yamhill and SW Taylor in Portland.

The 2nd Bush Legacy Bus Stop happens in in Salem, Thursday, July 24th, 2008 at 10:00 AM, at the State Capitol Plaza (Wall of Water), 980 Court St. N.E., Salem, Oregon.