The SE Area ARTWalk will allow you the opportunity

to go on the EcoShuttle for a FREE, self-guided tour by visiting the studios,

home workspaces, galleries, host homes and businesses

within the “walkable/bikeable/busable” boundaries of

SE 9th – SE 41st & SE Hawthorne to SE Powell Blvd.

Shuttle runs from 10am-5pm to all the hot gallery spots every 25 minutes. Walking maps provided.

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  1. The Fifth Annual SE Area ARTWalk

    90+ artists will provide a blaze of colors, shapes, textures, and visual stimuli in SE Portland neighborhoods for the annual SE Area ARTWalk on Saturday and Sunday, the first weekend of March.

    The ARTWalk map area includes the boundaries of SE 9th Ave to SE 41st and SE Powell to SE Hawthorne Blvd.

    Artists show in their own creative space or are hosted by local residents and businesses allowing you to visit indoor locations on the free, self-guided tour. The SE Area ARTWalk is a community-building event that has strengthened the connection between businesses, artists, and neighbors.


    The mission of the S.E. Area ARTWalk is to establish a community-focused event showcasing artists in S.E. Portland, Oregon. To organize and promote a group of local artists to strengthen the art community, encourage cultural awareness, and provide the opportunity for human interaction within our neighborhoods.
    Printable maps and 2 artists lists at
    We look forward to seeing you in SE Portland.

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