The folks over at EcoShuttle are, indeed, the new thing. This is only the beginning of a new link between transportation and the earth friendly policies we must adopt to survive economically, socially, politically, and industrially.

When one goes to larger cities in this country they are shocked by the lack of progress in this regard. There are many ways to put pressure on governments to set forth legislation that is in the public interest, but yet another thing altogethor to force multi-national corporations to cooperate with new laws restricting they’re business. When are American auto manufacturers going to realize the demand for lower-emission vehicles? Only when American consumers stop buying Hummer limousines and roomy SUV’s (which incidently cause us to have less room in the outside world in which to… breath air). Ecoshuttle crew: think to accomplis 1)Headstart programmes, 2)rock band west coast tours, and 3)air-conditioned tours of downtown portland for hotels. Let’s get this party started!

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  1. Hello,fellow Pickathonians,Jeff and William. Both Jon and I enjoyed the round of conversations we had with you while listening to some of the best hip/rock country music this region can offer. Look forward to sitting down and discussing how we can assist you in your endeavor. Roll your own–its better that way–Bill Boyk, VP of Operations, Portland Biodiesel.

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